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Nordic Metrology Science & JSC “Pieno tyrimai” partnership enhances quality assurance for dairy products

2024 03 18

As the new year begins, Nordic Metrology Science has signed a significant contract with its long-standing partner – JSC “Pieno tyrimai”. Valued at 36,000 euros, this contract marks an important step in the collaboration between the two companies, further strengthening their commitment to ensuring the highest quality of dairy products in Lithuania.

UAB “Pieno tyrimai”: The Benchmark for Dairy Sector Quality

Established in 1993, UAB “Pieno tyrimai” stands as the nation’s unbiased central laboratory, meticulously conducting composition and quality assessments of dairy milk and breeding dairy animals’ milk throughout Lithuania. Operating under the highest standards, the company has cemented its role as a key player in the dairy sector, synonymous with the safety and quality of dairy products.

Precision and Reliability in 87 Measurement Instrument Positions

Under this newly signed agreement, Nordic Metrology Science commits to providing top-tier metrological inspection and calibration services for an array of 87 measurement instrument positions. This contract goes beyond the basics of mass and temperature measurements to include sophisticated metrology aspects like light, volume, and pressure measurements. These critical evaluations play a vital role not only in dairy product quality but also in the analysis of feed and animal housing conditions, offering a thorough insight into the production processes’ accuracy and reliability.

Key measurement instruments include:

  • Infrared analyzers for milk composition, leveraging light absorption principles to quantify milk fats, proteins, and lactose content accurately.
  • Electronic pH meters and conductivity meters, crucial for assessing milk’s acidity level and electrical conductivity, thereby ensuring consumer safety.
  • Flow meters and automatic sample collectors for an exact evaluation of milk quantity and quality, promoting precise and sanitary sample analysis.
  • Thermal cyclers, microscopes, and incubators for genetic testing and pathogens identification, emphasizing the importance of temperature control.
  • Pipettes and pipetting systems, essential for precise reagent and sample dosing in genetic and various laboratory tests, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the results.
  • Spectrophotometers for in-depth feed composition analysis, based on light scattering and absorption principles, crucial for maintaining optimal animal health and productivity.

Nordic Metrology Science’s meticulous calibration and metrological inspection guarantee the utmost precision in all procedures, providing trustworthy data for production and research purposes alike.

Enhancing Quality Assurance and Collaboration

This agreement not only fortifies the Nordic Metrology Science and UAB “Pieno tyrimai” partnership but also underscores our mutual commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies and methodologies within the dairy industry. With a highly skilled team and advanced technological applications, UAB “Pieno tyrimai” is poised to offer supreme services. In contrast, the metrological checks and calibrations by Nordic Metrology Science will further boost service efficacy.

Visionary Outlook for the Dairy Sector

The collaboration between Nordic Metrology Science and UAB “Pieno tyrimai” epitomizes our collective ambition to position the Lithuanian dairy sector at the forefront of global quality leadership. Our commitment to leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies, coupled with our collaborative efforts with international bodies, ensures a steadfast focus on quality, innovation, and sectoral expansion.

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Nordic Metrology Science & JSC "Pieno tyrimai" partnership enhances quality assu...

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