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Legal Industry Assurance: Thorough Inspection and Verification Services by Nordic Metrology Science

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Metrological inspection is the assessment of the suitability of a measuring instrument by examining its metrological characteristics and verifying compliance with the specified requirements.

At Nordic Metrology Science, our metrological inspection services are designed to rigorously assess the suitability of measuring instruments. We meticulously examine their metrological characteristics and verify compliance with the specific requirements set forth by legal metrology control. This process is governed by the Law on Metrology of the Republic of Lithuania and is essential for instruments within certain regulated fields.

Instruments that fall under the “List of Measuring Instruments Attributed to Fields of Legal Metrology” and are within the scope of technical regulations are subject to this legal metrological control. These instruments are re-verified at intervals determined by their specific applications and regulatory requirements.

Our services align with Regulation No. 4-523 of the Minister of Economy for the Republic of Lithuania, dated 1 August 2014, which specifies the list of measuring instruments subject to legal metrological controls. By entrusting your instruments to Nordic Metrology Science, you ensure they meet the highest standards of accuracy and compliance, essential for your operations and business success.

Nordic Metrology Science | Inspection and verification

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Our team of highly qualified and experienced metrology engineers is dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality inspection services. We maintain stringent quality control processes to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our results.

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