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Motion parameters

By partnering with Nordic Metrology Science, industries can trust in the reliability and precision of their motion measurement tools, fostering innovation, safety, and excellence in their respective fields.

Accurate motion measurement is essential across various sectors, as it ensures the safety, efficiency, and performance of systems and machinery in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, where precision in speed, acceleration, and position is crucial for quality, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Importance of Motion Parameters Measurement in Business and Industry

In the realms of business and industry, the measurement of motion parameters is a critical component for ensuring operational excellence and product integrity. In the automotive and aerospace sectors, accurate measurement of speed, acceleration, and position is fundamental to the safety and performance of vehicles and aircraft. These measurements are integral not only in the design and testing phases but also in ongoing maintenance and quality assurance processes. In the broader manufacturing industry, precise motion parameter measurement is essential for the efficient operation of machinery and robotics, directly impacting production quality and efficiency. This precision is also crucial in product development, where accurate motion measurements contribute to the innovation and refinement of products, ensuring they meet the highest standards of functionality and safety.

Nordic Metrology’s Services in Motion Parameters Measurement

Nordic Metrology Science is committed to providing top-tier calibration and testing services for motion parameters measuring instruments. Our expertise in this field is designed to support industries in maintaining the utmost accuracy in speed, acceleration, and position measurements. We understand the critical role these measurements play in various sectors, and our services are tailored to ensure that your instruments perform at their best, contributing to the safety, efficiency, and quality of your operations.

Nordic Metrology Science is capable of inspecting and calibrating a wide range of motion measuring instruments, including:

  • Tachographs (analogue, digital, smart);
  • Vehicle speed measuring devices;
  • Vehicle brake stands (0÷6) kN, (0÷8) kN, (0÷30) kN, (0÷40) kN;
  • Electronic taximeters;
  • Deceleration measuring devices;
  • Brake stands;
  • Tachometers.

If you are interested in the full scope of our metrology capabilities, please download our full CMC Report.

Note on Calibration and Inspection Ranges

At Nordic Metrology Science, we understand that each instrument has unique requirements. Our team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions, ensuring that your instruments are calibrated or inspected to the highest standards, in line with the latest industry advancements and regulatory requirements. Therefore, our accreditation ranges for calibration may not always align with those for inspection. This distinction is crucial in catering to the specific needs of diverse instruments.

We continuously update our accreditations across various expertise fields and reference standards to provide the most accurate and reliable service. To ensure that we can meet your specific needs, we encourage clients to submit a request with the technical specifications of their device. This allows us to thoroughly assess how we can assist you.

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