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Force and torque

By partnering with Nordic Metrology Science, businesses can trust in the precision and reliability of their force and torque measurements, essential for operational excellence and competitive advantage in their respective fields.

In the complex realms of engineering and manufacturing, the precise measurement of force and torque is not just necessary, it’s a cornerstone of quality and safety.

Importance of Force and Torque Measurement in Business and Industry

In the business and industrial sectors, force and torque measurement plays a pivotal role in ensuring operational integrity and product quality. In manufacturing, precise force and torque measurements are crucial for maintaining the quality and safety of products, directly impacting production efficiency and consumer satisfaction. In the construction industry, accurate force measurement is vital for ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of buildings and infrastructure. Similarly, in the automotive sector, torque measurement is key to the performance and safety of vehicles, influencing everything from engine functionality to the reliability of safety-critical components. These measurements are not just operational necessities but are integral to adhering to industry safety standards and regulations.

Nordic Metrology’s Services in Force and Torque Measurement

Nordic Metrology Science specializes in providing metrology services for force and torque measuring instruments, catering to the specific needs of various industries. We understand the critical role these measurements play in sectors like manufacturing, construction, and automotive. Our services are designed to ensure that your instruments meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability, supporting your business in maintaining quality, safety, and compliance with industry standards.

Nordic Metrology Science is capable of inspecting and calibrating a wide range of force and torque measuring instruments, including:

  • Dynamometers;
  • Cycle ergometers;
  • One-sided and two-sided torque wrenches.

NMS calibration activity fields

General purpose static force dynamometers(0 to 50) kN
Tension/compression testing machines0,1 N to 3000 kN
Test of braking systems on vehicles(1000 to 15000) N
Assembly tools for screws and nuts – Hand torque tools(0,2 to 1) Nm
Assembly tools for screws and nuts – Hand torque tools(1 to 3000) Nm

Note on Calibration and Inspection Ranges

At Nordic Metrology Science, we understand that each instrument has unique requirements. Our team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions, ensuring that your instruments are calibrated or inspected to the highest standards, in line with the latest industry advancements and regulatory requirements. Therefore, our accreditation ranges for calibration may not always align with those for inspection. This distinction is crucial in catering to the specific needs of diverse instruments.

We continuously update our accreditations across various expertise fields and reference standards to provide the most accurate and reliable service. To ensure that we can meet your specific needs, we encourage clients to submit a request with the technical specifications of their device. This allows us to thoroughly assess how we can assist you.

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