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At Nordic Metrology Science, we lead in precision metrology services, committed to sustainability, high quality, flexibility, speed, and compliance with EU regulations.

We offer a wide range of adaptable services tailored to meet diverse industry needs, enhancing accuracy and effectiveness.

Our focus on comprehensive, swift, and flexible solutions ensures that we not only meet but exceed customer expectations, while upholding strict compliance with environmental and regulatory standards.

Nordic Metrology Science


We provide high-quality inspection, calibration, testing and other metrological services for a wide range of measuring instruments. We strive to provide innovative solutions to match market needs and trends.

Nordic Metrology Science


We aim to be the most advanced market leader in metrology services and are always ready to help business partners with numerous challenges. We provide flexible, fast, and reliable services to our customers.

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To listen to our customer needs and create added value by ensuring the accuracy of measurements

To develop innovative metrology services tailored to the diverse needs of industries worldwide

To constantly improve our technologies and strive for the growth of the company’s business value through quality services

To operate to the highest standards of transparency, governance, ethics, and social responsibility

Our history


The first institution in Lithuania responsible for metrology — the Palace of Measures — was established in Kaunas


The Center for Measurement and Measuring Instruments was established in Kaunas


Additional branches were opened in Kaunas, Klaipėda, and Panevėžys (we provide services in these cities till this day)


The Šiauliai Center and Vilnius State Laboratory of Measurement Technology were established


The International System of Units (SI) was created


The Law on Metrology of the Republic of Lithuania was adopted, and the development of the standards base began


Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys, and Šiauliai centers became one Vilnius Metrology Center


Pharmasanta group became the shareholders of Vilnius Metrology Center


Vilnius Metrology Center became Nordic Metrology Science

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