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Vilnius Metrology Center, the oldest metrology company in Lithuania, providing high-quality legal, scientific and industrial metrology services, changed its name and from January 4 is called Nordic Metrology Science.


“We are pleased to present our new name and image, which will help us enter the international markets,” says Evelina Šimanskienė, the acting managing director of the center. The new name, Nordic Metrology Science, symbolizes internationality, the highest quality of services, a modern approach to metrology services and a sustainable business management model.


In September, the international pharmaceutical group UAB Pharmasanta Group took over the management of Nordic Metrology Science, which at that time, was still called the Vilnius Metrology Center. The new owners have ambitious plans: they commit to continuing the company’s work, plan to triple turnover and expand into international markets.


New owners: not only a new name but also new opportunities

According to E. Šimanskienė, the new owners are determined to modernize the center’s activities, apply the best business management practices of the group, and significantly expand the scope of activities. “From the very first days, the Pharmasanta Group team started sharing best business management practices, experiences and advice and supporting the team. Joining the group has opened up new opportunities for us in terms of new competencies and partners. Our team is very motivated and more than ready to grow and accept positive changes in the organization.”

A spokeswoman of Nordic Metrology Science says that despite the planned changes, the quality of the services provided will remain an undisputed priority for further action. “We believe that the excellent quality of our services, reliability and high team competence are the main factors in retaining existing and attracting new customers. Together with the new managers, we aim to expand the range of services offered and pay more attention to potential customers in foreign markets, whose needs, thanks to the Pharmasanta Group, we now understand even better,” says Evelina Šimanskienė.

The acting director of the center says that they are also going to pay more attention to sustainability and the development of the team’s skills. “Sustainable practices are not new to us, but we believe we can do more to ensure the sustainability of our business. In fact, the very nature of our business reduces unnecessary consumption, as properly maintained measuring instruments last longer and require less frequent replacement. We strive to make our activities not only eco-friendly but also socially responsible. We will pay even more attention to team development and invest in it. We believe that this will continue to ensure our highest quality services.”

She adds that the changes initiated by the new owners, including the image changes, are just one of many ambitious plans being implemented. “We see great potential to expand our reach and enter new markets — firstly, the Baltic region and Western Europe, and then some other countries in the future. We are confident that with the help of Pharmasanta Group, we will be able to streamline our business processes, carry out targeted geographical development and secure a leading position in the international metrology market,” concludes E. Šimanskienė.

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